February 18, 2014
Words by: Terence Just

READ ME!!!!!! Hey everyone! I have an older video of how to sex a guinea pig. If you want to check it out go to – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyblTdTvypI….

50 comments for “How to Tell the Sex of a Guinea Pig”

  1. UDavidT says:

    What’s going on with your eyebrows?

  2. chloe reinzan says:


  3. esmeralda serrano says:

    I bought 3 guinea pigs witch are male but… one of them is making a weird
    noise when is next to one particular guinea pig. I need to make a whole
    inspection to them. Good luck to me. Thanks for the video.

  4. Vicente Zavala says:

    thanks very informative video

  5. Donna-louise Clay says:

    Thank you very helpful.

  6. Hirola Niowa says:

    COOL :) I like how you have the guts to hold your guinea pig while
    “checking” When I tried that with my guinea pig, she bit me twice :( At
    least I know that she’s a girl now.

  7. doeeyeddoll says:

    Thank you for this video. You have some cute guinea pigs btw :)

  8. Alison Farmer says:

    Thanks it helped me a lot I have two. Winnie and Biscuit. Let’s see why we
    have soon.

  9. Jose gabriel Galo says:

    Your hot :)

  10. Anna Powell says:

    I am so relieved! I thought for a moment that all of my piggies were boys
    but then I watched this… Thanks so much!

  11. FunnyChick313 says:

    I did. Thank you!!

  12. FunnyChick313 says:

    Skinny pig are adorable!

  13. missrandom181818 says:

    U r awesome I love u videos can u subscribe to me

  14. FunnyChick313 says:

    It’s ok. They don’t like that area being touched

  15. Robert The VenturianTale Fan says:

    I have a Skinny pig it’s the same like Guinea pig but it is bald heheheheh

  16. Hans Cacalda says:


  17. Gazjocalcate says:

    Love the music choice

  18. collin singley says:

    OMFG s’mores look like my guinea pig lighting

  19. FunnyChick313 says:

    thanks!! 😀

  20. FunnyChick313 says:

    Thanks :)

  21. Katherine Parker says:

    i got my baby boy guinea pig from petco . . . at least i think it is a boy.
    that’s why i am here :)

  22. FunnyChick313 says:

    ROFL! You’re so silly

  23. Nicholas Pyzel says:

    You’re a sexy babe 😉

  24. xxponyloveremixx says:


  25. Haley Nelson says:

    are you a guinea pig breeder? i need to know where to buy a baby female
    guinea pig not pet stores! lol

  26. FunnyChick313 says:

    lol I know….poor baby

  27. FunnyChick313 says:

    No problem!! 😀

  28. FunnyChick313 says:

    😉 Hehe. Dziękuję bardzo przystojny. <3

  29. Haley Nelson says:

    ok cool i just need to know a good place to buy a girl baby guinea pig
    thats not at petco or ant pet store! thanks again

  30. FunnyChick313 says:

    You can’t really tell. You can take your gp to a vet and have them look at
    the teeth. Sometimes that gives a good indication

  31. FunnyChick313 says:

    haha thanks

  32. Brian Clark says:

    Hurcluse is like FUCKING A U MADE ME PP

  33. FunnyChick313 says:

    Thank you very much!! :) I’m glad I’m able to help people. Oh wow! See it
    wasn’t just old age! Glad to hear your girls are doing better now! 😀

  34. Kevin S says:

    This is very helpful for future reference. Of my two piggies, it’s VERY
    obvious that Daisy is a girl. However, Iris is a different story. When I
    adopted Iris, I was told she was female, but her vagina is so small that I
    wasn’t really sure. I took her to a Vet’s office and they confirmed it. By
    the way, I’ve got an update on them. After a thorough exam on both, by a
    different Vet, it turns out that Iris was deficient in vitamin C, and Daisy
    was a bit constipated. Both are doing fine now.

  35. FunnyChick313 says:

    Thank you! :)

  36. emiley claghorn says:

    This really help thanks: p

  37. FunnyChick313 says:

    Thanks? 😀

  38. Robert The VenturianTale Fan says:

    I felt so sorry for Hercules :( because he was squeaking

  39. FunnyChick313 says:

    No problem!!!!

  40. ThePippinandshadow says:

    poor guinea pigs ;(

  41. joannechaney says:

    Thanks for sharing

  42. Sarni Glossop says:

    Your funny

  43. Alexis Timpe says:

    I don’t even have a guinea pig but they are just so cute. My devilish
    hamster but me so I ain’t looking up some hamster poo. Jk

  44. xxponyloveremixx says:

    You touched the butt!

  45. theNtensified1 says:

    So, THANKS FOR THE HELP! I found out that my guinea is a baby boy! I named
    him Benny and it actually was hard to see if he was a boy just from looking
    so I gave him some lettuce and he let me look LOL. Thanks for the help!!

  46. Alexa Walker says:

    Thank u that really helped

  47. Sarah's Life says:

    thanks so much!! im getting a guinea pig and the pet store might be wrong
    about the sexes so im going to ask to check haha

  48. Alfred Pesina says:

    Hello how do I tell how old is my guinea pig is?

  49. cathy13v78 says:

    Nise hey um well do u ever think to sell some

  50. FunnyChick313 says:

    YAY!! 😀 I’m super glad it helped!! It is rather tricky trying to see if
    they are male or female from looking but most of the time they’ll let you

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