Information on Albino Guinea Pigs


The albino guinea pig is popular because of its beautiful white fur and lovely pink / red eyes.


People often think there must be something amiss with a guinea pig that looks so peculiar, but albino traits are found in a great deal of small animals, also mice, rats and even rabbits, Albino guinea pigs don’t need any more care than any normal guinea pig


How do albino guinea pigs differ?


How would you know the difference between a normal white guinea pig and an albino guinea pig? It’s quite easy.

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Albino guinea pigs are the only one’s missing the pigmentation (colour) in their eyes and only albino guinea pigs always have pink eyes. A guinea pig with dark eyes and white fur is not a true albino.


A certain amount of pink eyed guinea pigs may have coloured fur, which is quite amusing. But however these are not proper albinos. A lack of pigmentation in the fur and eyes is a genetic condition of albinism. However, that does not, make them any less lovable.


Breeding My Albino With A Normal Guinea Pig, What Will The Babies Look Like?


Things can get interesting from here! This is how it is, albino genes are recessive genes, the same as red hair in humans. If you breed a normal guinea pig and an albino guinea pig together, what you will get depends on what genes the normal guinea pig is carrying.


In the event that it also has albino genes, you probably will get some albino guinea pigs out of the mating even though one of the parents has colour!


This of course, may result in guinea pigs with red/pink eyes and coloured fur, which is very rare, but not impossibility. You should not breed guinea pigs if you’re not a position to find new homes for them all. The breeding of guinea pigs is a great way to find out how genetics work.

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Some Tips on Breeding


Breeding guinea pigs is not difficult, as they carry out most of the strenuous work themselves. Two healthy parents over six months old are really all that is needed.


Most of the work you will have to carry out is to separate the male and female once the mating is done, and to make sure that the future mother has clean accommodation in which to birth her babies in private.


You must always remember to on no account allow a pregnant guinea pig to give birth while her area is populated with other guinea pigs, as they may kill or accidentally hurt the babies by walking on them.


Expecting guinea pig mothers must always have their own nursery cage.. If there are any males in the litter, they should be removed not later than three weeks of age, if not removed they may start trying to breed with the mother.


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